Bear Free and Huckleberry Full at Glacier National Park
Grand Canyon Artist in Residency

Sylvan Lake, Custer State Park - A Pause

Sometimes we need to remember to pause and understand that travel details usually do work out.

I hurried from Badlands to Custer State Park in the Black Hills of South Dakota (near Mr. Rushmore) - so worried about finding a camp site. (I got one of the four available.) Another camper recommended that I go on the scenic drive to see strange rock formations called the “needles”, and then on to beautiful Sylvan Lake.  I parked at several of the overlooks on the way, camera in hand, wanting to take in as much of the scene as I could, yet worrying and hurrying - would the light fail on the treacherous drive back?  Worry, hurry, gather up, and be afraid.  Sound familiar?   I’m starting to wonder if my trip westward was about ACHIEVING or if it was about RECEIVING.  This image was a gift and a reminder.

Sylvan Lake Custer State Park SD