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Sylvan Lake, Custer State Park - A Pause

Bear Free and Huckleberry Full at Glacier National Park

Mt. Sinepath

Two Medicine campground near East Glacier is considered the "Mayberry" of Glacier National Park. The Two Medicine area is special to the Blackfeet Indians who consider it the backbone of the world.  The name commemorates 3 talented native women. Two ceremonial medicine lodges were started by 2 holy women and the nearby Running Eagle Falls honors a famous woman warrior known for her ability to infiltrate enemy tribes. (The falls appear and disappear among the rocks).

"Mayberry RFD" - as in Andy Griffith's famous sitcom. The campground has a friendly, small-town feel.  Campers are compliant by keeping their campsites food-free so bears are not a problem.  YaY!!!

Huckleberries - look like blueberries, taste like heaven and are now in-season - they only grow wild in special eco systems in and around Glacier.  Bears love them too.

Bear-Free - Glacier is home to a large population of bear roaming at large. When hiking, you are supposed hike with a buddy and be noisy so as not to surprise those bruins. As to the "fight or flight" instinct, bears often choose the fight option.  

Since hiking is the "in-thing" here, I found a hiking buddy. She's a lovely high-school biology teacher and birder, experienced in the wilderness, and walks a perfect pace for me. (I have also armed myself with pepper spray.)  20 bear-free miles and counting…..

Each night I fall asleep to the sound of rushing water in the shadow of Mt. Sinopah ("Fox Woman" in Blackfeet).  The clear water reflections and changing weather patterns have inspired some lovely photos and plenty of silk-painting opportunities for later.